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HY-62 Optical Power Meter




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Product Introduction

Product Description

Technical Parameters

Product Description

HY-62 Optical Power Meter is a new generation handheld optical network tester.

It stays LT500’s design small dimension for easy carrying but have new features for wider power measurement, higher accuracy and long battery life and have clock display on the screen.

It is calibrated at a large number of wavelengths to enable power measurements to be made on a wide range of Single Mode and Multimode fibre optic cable systems.

The wavelength is simply selected by wavelength button key.

By transmitting light at a known power level at one end of a fibre using a laser source, and measuring the power at the other end with the Optical Power Meter, the Attenuation (loss) of the cable can be determined.

By calibrating the source, with the meter connected directly, zeroing the meter and then inserting the cable, the cable loss can be measured directly.

The new Optical Power Meter is a tester that enables field technicians or laboratory personnel to measure power and loss in optical links.

Its InGaAs detector has exceptional accuracy, combined with an incredibly simple user interface.

1. Telecom optical installations
2. CATV optical installations
3. Optical test laboratories
4. Fibre optics installation and maintenance
5. SDH, SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, CATV, PON / FTTx, Opt LAN
6. Optical network commissioning
7. Quality assurance and acceptance testing

1. Zeroing function for calibration of source and patch cords and relative loss measurement
2. Suitable for Single Mode and Multimode cables
3. Wide range of wavelength calibration points
4. Power readings in dBm or mW, or loss in dB
5. Clear LCD display with backlight
6. Robust design for field use
7. Long battery life :180h



Measuring Range

-70dBm~+8 dBm


± 0.2dB

Calibrated Wavelengths

850nm / 1300nm / 1310nm / 1490nm / 1550nm / 1625nm



Connecting Adapter

FC/PC &  Universal

Reference Value storage


Automatic Power Off

No operation in 10 minutes (can be cancelled), Low battery energy

Tone Detector (optional)

+5 ~ – 40 dBm

Show units

dB   dBm   mW   uW  nW

Display screen


Continuous working(H)


Display information

Value, selecting wavelength, battery power

Application fiber type


Altitude work


Search type


Battery Charge


Battery Life

Above 100 hours

Storage Temperature


Operating Temperature


Power Supply

2 * AA batteries or AC/DC adapter


160mm * 75mm * 32mm



* at 20±3°C, CW, with FC connector, -10dBm

** at 20±3°C, 1550 nm
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